Regulations of health care products not only differ across the globe but are constantly evolving too. Proactively acting in a very challenging regulatory scenario is crucial for the health care sector and decisions need to be supported by accurate and timely information.

At Professional Regulatory Affairs (PRA), which is a leading Healthcare regulatory affairs consultancy, we are conducting a podcast series – REG-VOICE which is a high impact, practical oriented, industry focused series of conversations with the best in the healthcare industry.

Through this podcast series, which is diverse in nature, we intend to provide a comprehensive grounding in regulatory affairs while including key considerations for regulatory professionals.

Some of the key highlights of this podcast are as follows:

  • REG-VOICE is the very first podcast of its kind in the region that will involve a beneficial discussion on regulatory and business topics related to health care sector.
  • Through REG-VOICE, you will be able to gain detailed knowledge about various highlights and challenges of the same sector.
  • REG-VOICE will be hosted once every month by PRA consultancy.
  • We will have esteemed guest speakers from the Healthcare industry who will share their immense experience and knowledge which will assist you to make important decisions to word your business plan.
  • The podcast would last for 30 mins.

Join us in this journey of enlightening and authentic conversations which will be addressed by healthcare experts. It is the first of its kind podcast in the region where experts from Industry and Regulatory Authority bring the hot industry topics, issues, challenges and show the way forward in the business aspect and in regulations related to the health care sector.

Our success is due to relentless adherence to four key standards: Speed, Quality, Professionalism, Excellence. We are flexible, innovative and quality driven and through this podcast we want to edify curious minds and ensure they experience fruitful and objective oriented conversations about Regulatory Affairs and business topics related to health care sectors. Regardless of whether someone is new to the regulatory profession, or only needs to garner more knowledge, this comprehensive and flexible series, REG-VOICE empower and educate you.

Upcoming Episodes

Title: Regulations of the Medical devices at JFDA

Date: 15th of December 2021, Wednesday

Time: 12:00 PM (UAE Time)

In the sixth episode, we will discuss about Regulations of the Medical devices at JFDA

Episode 06 Guest:


Head of medical devices registration Dept. & Jordan Food & Drug Administration

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