Regulations of health care products not only differ across the globe but are constantly evolving too. Proactively acting in a very challenging regulatory scenario is crucial for the health care sector and decisions need to be supported by accurate and timely information.

At Professional Regulatory Affairs (PRA), which is a leading Healthcare regulatory affairs consultancy, we are conducting a podcast series – REG-VOICE which is a high impact, practical oriented, industry focused series of conversations with the best in the healthcare industry.

Through this podcast series, which is diverse in nature, we intend to provide a comprehensive grounding in regulatory affairs while including key considerations for regulatory professionals.

Some of the key highlights of this podcast are as follows:

  • REG-VOICE is the very first podcast of its kind in the region that will involve a beneficial discussion on regulatory and business topics related to health care sector.
  • Through REG-VOICE, you will be able to gain detailed knowledge about various highlights and challenges of the same sector.
  • REG-VOICE will be hosted once every month by PRA consultancy.
  • We will have esteemed guest speakers from the Healthcare industry who will share their immense experience and knowledge which will assist you to make important decisions to word your business plan.
  • The podcast would last for 30 mins.

Join us in this journey of enlightening and authentic conversations which will be addressed by healthcare experts. It is the first of its kind podcast in the region where experts from Industry and Regulatory Authority bring the hot industry topics, issues, challenges and show the way forward in the business aspect and in regulations related to the health care sector.

Our success is due to relentless adherence to four key standards: Speed, Quality, Professionalism, Excellence. We are flexible, innovative and quality driven and through this podcast we want to edify curious minds and ensure they experience fruitful and objective oriented conversations about Regulatory Affairs and business topics related to health care sectors. Regardless of whether someone is new to the regulatory profession, or only needs to garner more knowledge, this comprehensive and flexible series, REG-VOICE empower and educate you.

Upcoming Episodes


Date: 12th of May 2021, Wednesday

Time: 01:00 PM (UAE Time)

In the fifth episode, we will discuss the VETRANARY REGISTRATION IN UAE.

Episode 05 Guest:

Dr. Kaltham Ali hussain Kayaf

Director of the Animal Health and Development Department,
Ministry of Climate Change and Environment – UAE.

Title: Cosmetics regulations and updates in Oman

Date: 30th of June 2021, Wednesday

Time: 01:00 PM (UAE Time)

In the fourth episode, we will discuss about the cosmetics regulations and updates in Oman.

Episode 04 Guest:

Shaima Khamis Talib Al balushi

Chemical product quality control specialist

Previous Episodes

Title: Cosmetics Registration with Dubai Municipality

Date: 24th December 2020

Time: 12:00 PM (UAE Time)

In the third episode, we will discuss the regulations of Cosmetics in UAE as per Dubai Municipality.

Episode 03 Guest:

Hessa Aljawi

Acting Manager of Registration & Permits Section, Health and Safety Department, Dubai Municipality

  • Bachelor degree of Pharmacy from Higher Colleges of Technology University
  • High Diploma degree of Pharmacy from Higher Colleges of Technology University
  • 10+ years of rich experience in Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Municipality (DM):
    – DHA: Pharmacist in 2008 – 2010
    – DM: principal safety officer 2011 – 2019 and acting section manager in 2020
  • Extensive experience in the field of consumer products (pharmaceutical non-medicinal products) safety and their regulations and standards
  • Well versed in improving services and customer experience and journeys in the field of health and safety

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Title: Regulations of Medical Devices in Bahrain as per NHRA

In the second episode, we will discuss the regulations of Medical devices in Bahrain as per NHRA.

Episode 02 Guest:

Eng. Nada Al Sayegh

Consultant/Advisor Engineering Safety at NHRA, Bahrain

  • BSC in biomedical engineering at AUST, UAE.
  • MSC in healthcare quality and safety management in healthcare at RCSI.
  • 10-11 years of experience in medical devices field starting from service engineer moving to head of Clinical engineering department in governmental hospitals currently working as a consultant/advisor engineering safety in the National Healthcare Regulatory Authority since 2015 represent Bahrain medical device regulation, nationally and internationally.
  • ISO 13485 certified auditor.
  • Member in GSO/TC11 committee, AHWP, GCC central registration, GCC classification , voting member in ISO/TC 121 ,210, 106, 150 ,170, 194,198.

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Title: Current Regulations of Medical Devices in Oman

In the first episode, we will discuss the recent regulations of Medical Devices in Sultanate of Oman as per the official gazette that has been issued by the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs on 19th August 2020.

Episode 01 Guest:

Eng. Faiza Al Zadjali

Director of Medical Device Control, Ministry of Health, Oman

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